Inequality exchange simulator

Model for Inequality Exchange

Applying Bouchaud’s theory of wealth inequality, the Shaftesbury Partnership has created an interactive guide through a wealth simulator. It is designed to showcase and try to expose the many assumptions surrounding traditional approaches to reducing inequality that are pigeonholed into classic left and right-wing policies.

This model aims to better communicate the agents that affect inequality and the, perhaps, unexpected consequences of altering the inputs.

This way, we aim to combine SPX’s passion for social reform with inequality modelling in a way that will be accessible for both use of the general public and for those who wish to take a more intensive look. We hope that the public will be exposed to a more nuanced way of thinking, and for the policymakers to be able to implement this kind of thinking within the government.

Learn our model

Use the tutorial to find out how to interact with the model — then get in touch if you would like to use it or find out more