ALGA Foundation


Re-balancing our climate, naturally.

Climate change: our biggest existential challenge today and one which we struggle to fully address. And yet nature has shown us the way before: during the last billion years, it was algae - both seaweed and microalgae in our oceans and waterways - which cooled our planet by absorbing carbon dioxide, as well as producing up to 70% of our oxygen. What if a movement could be established to help harness the power of algae to capture carbon and then to sequester it for the longer term in useful carbon-rich products, which we measure and track? We could slow down and perhaps - one day - reverse global warming, buying us the time to adapt how we live and work together to be more carbon neutral as a global community.


ALGA Foundation is a project supported by The Shaftesury Partnership to cultivate a nature-based ecosystem solution to our climate crisis. We aim to do this by sponsoring scientific research, building financial mechanisms, developing measurement tools and backing algae producers and supply chains that can both harness algae as a low-emissions feedstock to make useful everyday products - such as fertilisers, food, fuels, inks, plastics, textiles - and to optimise the amount of captured carbon that can be locked away more permanently, by making products such as biochar from algal biomass or recycled algal products. Our Foundation’s aim is to create a system that rewards those who create such circular supply chains, and to enable businesses, households and organisations to take a practical, measurable approach to cooling our planet.


Our team at ALGA Foundation is actively involved in consulting, researching and building the new algae bio-economy, collaborating with an extensive global network of academic, business and government organisations. Get in touch to find out more, join our events, become a client, team member or volunteer and connect your ideas, research interests, technology and finance to our movement. Our first pilot sites will be launched in the coming years with existing algae producers. Together we can make a real difference in the challenge of reducing our planetary carbon emissions.