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21st Century Social Reform

The Shaftesbury Partnership has been leading the way in social reform in the UK and beyond for over a decade. Taking inspiration from the great reformers of the Victorian era, we are tackling today’s injustices and inequalities at scale by resourcing new ventures, developing tomorrow's talent and building the tools needed to help others restore today's broken systems.

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The Resilience Series

We are inviting leaders from a wide variety of sectors to discuss the solutions needed for society’s complex problems. Through this, we hope not only to foster a diverse conversation and exchange innovative ideas, but to launch trailblazing ventures that will transform society to become more nimble, sustainable, and adaptive, as we emerge from the Covid pandemic.

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Our new partnership to develop Platinum Life

Platinum Brands and The Shaftesbury Partnership, with support from PIMFA, have created the Platinum Life platform as a social venture for those who are retired and planning retirement.

Built upon The Shaftesbury Partnership's Retirement Transition workshop initiative, the platform encourages more affluent people to give back in retirement to those less fortunate, through endeavours such as volunteering and philanthropy.

The platform aims to help the UK’s 50s and over transition into retirement and make the many decisions and choices - not just financial ones, but also those related to lifestyle.

Find out about our new partnership to develop Platinum Life, a platform for those transitioning into later life:


Our Services

Our Innovation Management service builds on our venture experience to help businesses, nonprofits and public bodies procure innovation for impact to achieve their goals resiliently.

Through our Data Science work, we also equip social innovators and reformers with the tools needed to measure, predict, and simulate the impact they seek to make on systems.

Our Learning Communities nurture and train the individuals who will become future agents of systems change, and help other organisations form their own learning communities for change.

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Case studies

Together with our partners, our team has delivered multiple large scale, impactful reforms through venturing, training leaders and apprentices, and influencing public policy at the highest levels and locally.

Literally millions of lives have been impacted, transformed, and restored through the Shaftesbury Partnership network, at both project and systems level.

This has included work across a range of diverse sectors, such as education, poverty alleviation, youth, health, and employment, with many more sectors and systems in the pipeline.

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Join us

Being involved in social reform and restoring broken systems can be a lonely journey, which not everyone understands. Get in touch to find out more about how we can change systems together.

You can sign up to one of our events or join our Learning Community if you are interested in exploring a longer term path to becoming a 21st Century Reformer and catalyst for social change.

We would love to hear from you, support you, and find out more about the systems you are involved in and how we can help transform them.

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