Big Venture Challenge

Our networks are crucial to our work. We continually bring people and organisations together to pursue our mission of tackling entrenched disadvantage and generating opportunity, whether to deliver one of our own ventures or to develop other initiatives.

To design innovative solutions to intractable problems, and to scale up this impact, we draw upon the insight and capabilities of diverse individuals and organisations. Our partners and stakeholders include global corporations, local government, politicians, faith leaders, funders, charities, social entrepreneurs, and professional bodies. Working with our network doesn’t just catalyse our work, it is fundamental to it.

We worked with UnLtd on the Big Venture Challenge 2013-2016, which supported 100 of the country’s most ambitious social entrepreneurs over three years to raise investment and scale their ventures. The Shaftesbury Partnership specifically supported the entrepreneurs in their networking for impact. We built dedicated Impact Networks of highly connected, strategic individuals from a range of sectors to work with the Big Venture Challenge award winners, and we provided the entrepreneurs with one-to-one support to enable them to make best use of their networks.

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