Data Science

The Shaftesbury Partnership's systems-change approach is backed by a rigorous emphasis on Data Science, which consists of three key areas:

Simulation - Measurement - Prediction


We believe agent-based modelling is the one of the premier simulation methods to account for the complexities of today's challenges.

Together with our partners, we harness this approach to best understand how inequality and other aspects of broken systems can be simulated and modelled.

Our approach is to focus on particular sectors such as healthcare, migration, and the climate, and model the systemic interactions between agents using continuously improving agent-based simulations.

This information can then be used to inform decision makers (in combination with the use of war gaming and red-teaming decisions processes), through simulating interventions in these and other models.


Randomised control trials have been well established as best-in-class for measuring intervention effectiveness.

We are interested in taking this to the next level through working with our partners using mobile and other sensing technologies to bring down cost, generate more real time data, and make the practice of such approaches mainstream.


With our partners, we harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to help teams make better predictions, and therefore better decisions.