Social Business Partnership

Many unemployed people in the UK face barriers to the labour market and are not yet ready for unsupported commercial employment. With the right support and in the right environment however, a large number are able to be economically productive while building up the skills they need to gain sustainable employment. Social enterprises have expertise in providing jobs to this category of people, yet despite some excellent examples there is a great need for more of these jobs. Winning more contracts with large businesses is crucial for social enterprises to scale up their impact.

Social Business Partnership (SBP) is a membership organisation for businesses that want to build a more responsible supply chain. Led by the private sector, SBP works to align its members’ commercial objectives with the creation of a positive social impact. We do this through a specialist brokerage service that enables them to buy products and services from high-quality social enterprises that focus on tackling entrenched unemployment. Working together, members both shape and share good practice, as they increase and measure their social impact.