About us

The Shaftesbury Partnership (SP) inspires social transformation by working with partners, individuals and networks at a global scale. We do this through launching our own ventures; and working with partners to incubate their own ventures or clusters of ventures, and by training individuals to become catalysts and reformers. We have a particular interest in whole-city transformation.

We take our inspiration from the work and legacy of the great 19th century social reformer the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury. Shaped by his faith and values, his context of industrial revolution, globalisation, and  demographic and climate change shifts - he and many others like him from wealthy and less wealthy backgrounds stepped up to bring transformation and avert political collapse in Britain and elsewhere.

Today we aim to pursue the same goals and vision to reach a new generation of reformers, using the latest thinking, technology, methods and research in the constantly emergent world of social innovation and transformation. In the last 10 years we have been associated with some of the most influential at scale social ventures in the world.

We are now taking this experience to the next level, working with the next generation of social transformers. We are keen to work with new and existing sponsors, investors, individuals, and advocates.