Innovation Management

Unlocking Innovation: Our Approach to Systematic Impact

The founders have years of experience launching major initiatives like Teach First and the Foodbank network.

Our Innovation Management service helps organizations develop and support impactful initiatives.

Resilience & Impact: The Heart of Our Innovation Management

We recognise that leaders want to build stronger and more resilient futures by:

  • Rapidly developing or procuring innovative offerings that can make an immediate impact vs traditional approaches
  • Managing the tension of proven products that risk being disrupted and unproven possibilities that risk failure
  • Creating impact and value beyond the sole pursuit of profit, while surviving and thriving in the long-term

Current innovation methods don't fit our unpredictable world, especially with common 'grey swan events' that can have huge impacts.

To address this, we help organizations build solutions by connecting innovators, stakeholders, and entrepreneurs, using our data tools and experience.

Our goal is to enable you to release your innovation potential, increase your impact, and become both more resilient and more competitive.

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